The clear choice for sustainable glass

CPS is positioned to be the only patterned solar glass supplier in North America.

Driven by an ambitious vision to add new domestic manufacturing capacity, CPS has initiated plans to build and operate an industry-leading sustainable solar glass manufacturing facility in Manitoba. This facility will play a key role in North America’s rapidly-growing renewable energy sector providing solar module manufacturers with reliable access to high-quality solar glass.

Glass is more important than ever

As the world urgently works to reduce emissions, the demand for solar and architectural glass is projected to grow significantly. New policies around the globe, like Canada’s net-zero emissions commitment and the USA’s plan to decarbonize their electrical grid, continue to drive demand to unprecedented heights.

Energy consumption from the electrical grid and energy usage in buildings are significant components of our collective carbon footprint. CPS glass can be used in solar panels – a key component of North American net-zero plans to reduce emissions.

An opportunity the size of a continent

With 100% of North America’s patterned solar glass currently being imported, the lack of a made-in-North-America solution creates numerous challenges to our future customers. CPS is perfectly positioned to support development of a low-carbon domestic solar supply chain and support the transition to net-zero emissions. This will open up downstream opportunities for complementary businesses, economic growth, and job creation.

Right project,
right time,
right place

Manitoba is the ideal location for our facility. We will operate our facility close to our silica deposit, access renewable energy, and utilize some of the world’s most responsibly-sourced natural gas — all at very competitive operating costs. As one of North America’s key shipping hubs, Manitoba provides ready access to markets and efficient shipping options. The project aligns with the Provincial Government’s climate action priorities, sustainable development, job creation targets, and economic growth ambitions.