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Company Updates

CPS Announces Focus on Solar Glass

October 18, 2021

CPS announces decision to focus on solar glass manufacturing supported by market analysis and Technical Report.

CPS Appoints CFO and Adds Glass Expertise

August 17, 2021

CPS announces appointment of Cam Deller as CFO and Patrick Kenny as Industry Advisor.

CPS Announces Unsolicited US Institution Investment

July 22, 2021

CPS announces closing of unsolicited US $1 Million Private Placement from a US based Institution – Equinox Partners LP.

CPS Announces Upsized Financing

June 15, 2021

CPS announces, that due to investor interest, it has closed an upsized private placement raising gross proceeds of $5.2 million.

Interview with NGA

April 23, 2021

Our team sits down with National Glass Association (NGA) to talk about glass industry and what our project means for Canada and North America.

Video Interview with Glass Canada

April 19, 2021

Our President & CEO sits down with Glass Canada’s Patrick Flannery to talk about our company, our vision and what’s next.

TopGlass Conference & Our Virtual Booth

April 16, 2021

We are excited to be a part of the Top Glass 2021 virtual conference this year. Register for the conference for free and come check out our virtual booth on April 21, 2021.

GlassOnline profile on CPS

April 8, 2021

An in-depth profile on CPS by GlassOnline that highlights the main value proposition as well as talks about the larger vision for a center of excellence focused on glass and silica.

CPS Announces Focus on Sustainable Glass Manufacturing

February 3, 2021

CPS announces a shift in business strategy to focus on Sustainable Glass Manufacturing.

Industry News

Chinese Solar Glass company buys quartz sand resource for $570 million USD

October 28, 2021

Flat Glass Group (FGG), a Chinese solar glass manufacturer, paid USD $570 million for two quartz sand mines (58.3 million tonnes) to secure supply for its solar glass product.

“The company’s market capitalization on the Hong Kong exchange rose 5.7% after announcing the transaction.”

US Solar Industry Association Releases New Target for a Solar+ Decade

September 17, 2021

Annual solar installations in the US are expected to grow from 25GW in 2021 to 125GW by 2030.

“With bold policy action and continued private sector innovation, this ambitious 30% target is absolutely achievable.” – SEIA

US DOE Releases Solar Energy Investment Brief

August 17, 2021

US Department of Energy (DOE) releases a brief on  Clean Energy Future discussing investment in solar research and deployment.

Amazon signs Renewable Agreement

June 23, 2021

Amazon signs agreement for 375MW solar farm project in Alberta. (Newswire)

Solar Industry Supply Challenges

May 4, 2021

Supply-chain headaches for everything from glass to shipping capacity are pinching the solar industry. (Bloomberg & Yahoo Finance)

US Approves Massive Solar Project

May 3, 2021

US has approved a major solar energy project in the California desert that will be capable of powering nearly 90,000 homes. (Reuters)

Canada’s Net-Zero 2050 Plan

April 30, 2021

Transition to a cleaner economy establishes a series of interim emissions reduction targets. (Government of Canada)

Glass Shortage for Solar Panels

November 4, 2020

A glass shortage threatens supply of solar panels needed for climate action. (Bloomberg)

Progress towards Canada’s emissions reduction target


Canada’s plan for targeting emissions from buildings to achieve Paris Targets. (Government of Canada)