Global response to climate change is driving sustainability

Global demand for solar glass is projected to increase exponentially in coming years and there is currently no North American supply of patterned solar glass. Canada’s net-zero emissions commitment is driving growth and the USA is enacting policies to pursue alternative energy sources such as solar electricity, with a goal to decarbonize the grid by 2035. With similar policies coming into effect around the world, now is the perfect time for a new North American solar glass manufacturer to enter the market.

Global policies driving demand

Some of the policies accelerating demand for our solar glass include:

  • EU’s and Canada’s Net-Zero by 2050 plan
  • China’s Net-Zero by 2060 plan
  • USA’s carbon-free electricity grid by 2035 plan
  • New generation bi-facial dual-glass modules that provide increased conversion efficiency and require twice the amount of solar glass

These policies are further supported by the fact that the North American solar industry is shifting its focus towards developing a made-in-North-America supply chain. This would provide shorter and more reliable logistics from the glass facility to solar panel facilities. Additionally, a nearby renewable energy supply chain would reduce the emissions associated with manufacturing and transportation of all components, including solar glass.

The new standard for sustainability

We support global efforts to reduce carbon emissions by using sustainable manufacturing processes to produce glass. Our glass products will save more emissions during their lifecycle after installation than are produced during manufacturing, resulting in carbon-negative products. Combined with our low-carbon manufacturing, CPS will be an industry leader in sustainability, producing premium industrial goods that meet the highest quality standards.

Low carbon,
big impact

Our facility has the potential to set a new standard for low-carbon glass manufacturing. It will utilize the best technology available and progressive practices to reduce carbon emissions where feasible. In fact, by using nearly 100% renewable electricity and innovative equipment, we expect our facility to operate with over 50% lower emissions than facilities in China and 20% lower than those in the USA. We’re continuing to explore new processes to further reduce emissions and continue protecting our environment.

Contributing to our communities

Building a better future starts with the people and communities we work with. We take the right steps to ensure we’re a contributing member of these communities and comply with all established regulatory guidelines. This starts with a transparent, honest approach to communication, workforce diversity practices, and fair labour practices for every link in our value chain. We have participation agreements in place with Hollow Water First Nation and the Community of Seymourville for our quarrying operations, and work to keep community leaders informed.